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Miss C is fierce

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I met Miss C at the start of April to shoot her boudoir session, we shot this in the studio which gave me a completely different feel to my usual boudoir sessions.

Let me tell you about this lady, we’d all love to look like this I know!! -

It’s so great to be relaxed and confident about your body and I would be too if I looked like this!! ha ha

we tried a little pin up -

and I have to say I love this shot, it’s fun, fruity and all around Hawt!!

This lady is beautiful and there’s an elegance here which gives the image a classic feel, it’s very inkeeping with my vintage style.

and Oh my, well once again proving that women really are awesome we have this image.

So girls, this lady did it, will you be next?  Give yourself the gift of amazing images of yourself and when you get to 95 you can shock your great grandchildren!! ha ha


The super quick Boudoir shoot – £99 special offer

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If you are getting married this summer and want to book a super quick boudoir shoot, this may just be the offer you have been waiting for.

book a 1 hour boudoir shoot with all the images on CD for only £99.

In one our we’ll squeeze in a couple of outfit changes and within just a week or two you’ll have a disk of retouched images to give your partner.

This offer is only available for shoots on weekdays and in Newcastle and the surrounding areas, travel expenses may be applicable if you live a little farther afield.

and just to tease you here’s an image from a recent boudoir shoot yet to be blogged -

recent image from boudoir shoot


Ms P is Positively Perfect

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I’m popping this on the boudoir blog because it’s another example of a woman who simply wants to have great photographs of themselves, it’s not specifically boudoir but these are some hot photographs celebrating all that is fabulous about women.

I just adore everything about these shots, I really can’t decide which one is my favourite.

Casual but beautiful.

This evening look is so fabulous, I think we all wished we looked so heavenly when we went out on the town.

This woman is a goddess and thats all there is too it!

I adore this, I think it looks like a perfume advert in a Vogue, I can see the tagline now “It’s all about the woman you are”


I’m so pleased I helped another woman to see how amazing they really are.

If you would like to book a photoshoot which celebrates you as the fierce and wonderful creature you are why not give me a call, contact me through here or my main website.


The Delicious Miss D

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Another Lady celebrating all that is woman and looking entirely fierce!

This has to be one of my most favourite boudoir photographs ever!

I think we all wish we looked like this!

So Miss D will be giving these shots as a present to her H2B the night before their wedding which is the most brilliant present ever, she’s also done it for herself though and thats what boudoir is all about, if you want to book a boudoir shoot give me a call on 0191 2095442 or 07918 121838, click on the contact form or click through to my main website


The Awesome Ms A

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a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the Awesome Ms A, she’s wanted to give her other half a Christmas present they won’t forget in a hurry and so thats what we did.

am1I have a feeling that the other half in question is going to think that all his Christmases have come at once!

am2Ms A also wanted to capture the fabulousness of herself for herself and was kind enough to let me share any photographs I wanted to from the session because she was so happy, she agreed with me that all women everywhere should do this, it’s a whole lot of fun you know!!

am3When she saw the photographs she said she thought she looked Foxy and I would have to agree!

am5I’m loving the tattoo!

am4This lady certainly is Awesome!!

If you want a boudoir shoot for Christmas you have a week before the cut off date to get your album in time for Christmas, yes thats right, I can literally fix up an appointment, shoot you (not literally) and have your book back to you by Christmas if you do it in the next week.  if you just want a disk of delicious images then the deadline isn’t until the 15th of December so give me a call on 07918 121838 or 0191 2095442


The Divine Ms S

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This lady is so smoking hot, she came to get some great photographs of herself for herself and to send to her other half who is back at home in Russia.

She wanted to amazing photographs and we soon found out that you don’t always need to take your clothes off to look hot and sexy

daria5 isn’t she beautiful?

daria12You can tell she has a background in dance



daria8So once again I’m saying Ladies that boudoir is just a name, but this photography is all about you, it’s about releasing your inner goddess and you don’t have to take your clothes off if you don’t want to!  It can be pin-up, it can be a soft glamour look, it can be “How to Look Good Naked” boudoir photography is whatever you want it to be, but it is and will always be a permanent record of how fabulous you are.


Boudoir News October 2009 – [boudoir photographer newcastle]

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I thought it might be about time to update the boudoir blog, blimey I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post.  I have been shooting lots of lovely boudoir sessions during the summer but I just can’t share any of them.  If you are thinking of booking a boudoir shoot you’ll be asked by my good self if you want to -

A) Share with the world some of the photographs on my blog

B) Share with the world photographs which don’t identify you

C) Not share at all

and you know what it’s brilliant if you do share but it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to.

So onto the good stuff, I have a couple of new offers with Christmas and Valentines day in mind

from 16/10/09 – 20/01/10 there are two main offers

1) a 2 hour boudoir shoot which you can either have in the comfort of your own home or you can choose to have it in a studio based near Jarrow. You’ll simply receive a disk of all the retouched files and the cost is only £300

2) all of the above plus a digitally designed 8×10 artbook – £500

to book either of these packages simply fill in my contact form or you click through to my main website

This year give your partner the present they’ll truly want!


Lady R’s Boudoir [boudoir photographer Durham]

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On Good Fridhad the pleasure of shooting a boudoir session for Lady R, she’s planning an album for her husband to be and I’m sure he’s going to be very appreciative of his little present!

ladyr's boudoir photography 1This lady is hot and helped to celebrate all that is woman!

ladyr3I’m sure we’d all kill to look like this!

ladyr1Ooh Cheeky!

Ladies wedding season is almost upon us so make sure you book your boudoir session soon, most of May will be devoted to boudoir photography for me so call me now and book your appointment, you deserve to look amazing!


Boudoir – Lets Hear It For the Girls

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I was recently delighted to be a guest blogger on one of my favourite blogs 4togsblog

They gave me a lovely introduction which I have to mention, if you want to read it you can click here and after that they happily published the following article -

Boudoir is about you, yes girls that’s you, it’s about being sexy, it’s about being fierce, it’s about celebrating the woman that you are!

So there are male photographers who do boudoir and I’ve seen some great stuff shot by men but can a man really get into the mind of a woman, you know the old addage that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, well I think that’s a pretty true statement.  As a woman I know when I photograph my clients how they want to look and feel and I also know that we women have hang-ups that men don’t even notice, a woman might be a size 8 and still hate her tummy and as I woman I thoroughly understand that, and I think women are more open with women than they are with men.  Hey I have pretty much an all male group of friends but if I’m ever going to have a boudoir shoot I wouldn’t in a month of Sundays hire a guy.  I trust that women know how women want to look and it’s usually a whole lot different than the way men think they want to look

Essentially boudoir isn’t salacious, it’s not even in the slightest bit slutty and it’s only suggestive if the woman wants it to be.

I also have lumps and bumps (and more than most I hasten to add) and it’s posing by a woman for other women that ensures that my ladies end up with photographs that they love so much they want to share them with their partners and in some cases the entire world.

I truly believe that the male psyche cannot ever understand female body hang-ups because the average man doesn’t ever have them, when was the last time you spoke to a man who was worried about the way his tummy or boobs looked, hell men don’t even have boobs so how can they appreciate how we women feel about them, and believe me when I say that men have a different way of thinking about them than we females.

I would love to hear your opinions (male and female) can men ever compete in the world of boudoir and do they understand the needs and wants of women seeking boudoir photography?

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